What could a tech company like Dell possibly have in common with a university? 
Well, you’d be surprised.
A few decades ago, public institutions took management concepts from private organizations and applied them to their own way of working.
Since then, this movement has been known as “New Public Management.”
By taking ideas and organizational techniques from companies like:

–       Dell
–       McDonalds
–       And even Walmart
Universities, municipalities, and public hospitals set out to achieve what every organization wants. To become:

–       More efficient
–       And more effective
But how exactly did that go?
Did these techniques and methodologies actually create the changes that they wanted?
Read my latest article to see how it all played out: Full article: The rise of new public management at the institutional level: an analysis of a Dutch university and the role of administrators in initiating organizational change, 1980s to 2010s (tandfonline.com)

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